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Choice International

Choice International is a UK based international development organisation, promoting CSR, Diversity and Inclusion in the UK and Overseas.

New Global Indian (NGI)

NGI creates a platform for forward-thinking Indians and friends, connecting them for the betterment of their lives. The aim of this publication and its events are to explore, express, learn, share, and network across the globe, promoting India, Indians and friends globally via debate, discussion and knowledge sharing.

Organising Committee

Manoj Soma (Chair)

Manoj Soma is the CEO of Choice International. He has gained experience in equality and international development through academics and professional experiences. Throughout his career he has worked with private, public and third sector organisations, helping them to comply with legislative requirements and to promote the business case of equality and diversity. His experience includes workforce equality and management, cultural integration and strategic HR planning and support.

Manoj is a member several committees and programmes that work to improve the quality of life of those with disabilities. These include the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD), the Institute of Equality and Diversity practitioners (IEDP), the 'Breaking Through- Towards Strategies for Success' Leadership training programme and the International Disability Development Committee (UKDPC International)

Jaspal Dhani

Jaspal Dhani is the CEO of United Kingdom Disabled People Council (UKDPC) and director of Choice International. He is an equality and diversity trainer in the UK and has delivered inclusion and empowerment courses in India. He has worked in the disability field for 15 years, both at grass-roots and senior management level. His experience includes organisational development and management, fundraising, and policy development. He has worked with partners to address issues such as housing, independent living, inclusive education, employment, health policy and diversity.

Jaspal has held many voluntary governance positions at organisations such as, the Association of Wheelchair Children and Disability Network Hounslow. He is the Chairperson at Redbridge Disability Association and is a Community Governor of Newbridge School. Additionally, Jaspal manages and coaches a successful wheelchair basketball club in east London.

Dr. Meenu Bhambhani

Dr. Meenu Bhambhani is the Associate Vice-President and Head of Global Corporate Social Responsibility at MphasiS, Bangalore. Her background in development/disability sector is multifaceted: she is disabled, been a professional in the disability and human development sector for fifteen years, she specialised in disability studies and social policy, is a researcher on disability issues in India, and is involved in local and transnational disability rights movements.

At MphasiS, she engages with the development sector to promote education and to impove livelihoods. She has successfully helped the company hire and retain nearly 400 employees with disabilities and created policies to assist or empower employees with disabilities. In the last four years, MphasiS has won numerous awards from government and non-government organisations.

Prof. Ujjwal K. Chowdhury

Prof.Ujjwal K. Chowdhury, a front-ranking media educator of India, was earlier the Dean of Symbiosis International University for seven years, and now the Dean of Whistling Woods International School of Media & Communication, in Mumbai, chaired by the leading Bollywood film-maker and producer Subhash Ghai.Prof Chowdhury is also the Consulting Director of ACORE Group, with ACORE Management Consulting, ACORE Education and ACORE Media, operating in Dubai.

He was chosen by the National Council of Global Forum for Public Relations for conferring its prestigious National Award "Golden Triangle" last year. Before this he received the Hall of Fame award for Media Education from Public Relations Council of India.

Malini Chib

Malini Chib holds two masters degress, one in women's studies and the second one in information Management. She is the Co-chairperson of Adapt Rights group which fights for the Rights of people with disabilities. Malini is the senior Events Manager of Oxford Bookshop in Mumbai. Her book One Little Finger has recently published by Sage

Anjali Agarwal

Anjlee Agarwal is Co-founder and Executive Director of Samarthyam (www.samarthyam.org), a national civil society and research organization, involved in disseminating Universal Accessibility awareness through a novel model which primarily focuses on enabling inclusion of persons with disabilities to access education, tourism, transportation and environment, devoid of any hindrance.

Since 1998, she has been promoting Inclusive Environment through Universal Design in public spaces and transportation systems. Learning from painful struggles and social stigma Anjlee, a woman with severe disability, realized that most of the public places and tourist sites lack accessibility for disabled and the elderly. She has been catalyst in re-designing the infrastructure set up of prime tourist spots, Universities, mass rapid transit systems, Commonwealth Games Venues, pedestrian infrastructure of Delhi and many more public places to make them universally accessible.

Rajive Rajan

General Secretary of Ektha, a disability movement having evolved a century ago which has successfully reached the human rights model; it was shocking to know that people with neurological impairment are marginalized even within the disability sector. Ektha was initiated keeping this in mind, the fact that there was no group for people with neurological impairment in its region.

Rajiv has received the Ability Cavin Care Mastery Award for the year 2009, the National Award in the Role Model Category from the President of India for the Year 2007, and the Good Samaritan award from the Rotary Club of Chenna Patna.

Presently he is Coordinator at the Disability Law Unit, South (from 2003). He is also a Consultant for Corporate Social Responsibility in IVRCL, an infrastructural development company.

Advisors and Promoters


SebiChacko is one of the leading professionals in the space of Diversity and Inclusion and change management in Asia. He leads and represents the leading industry bodies in India ( Confederation of Indian Industry and NASSCOM) in its efforts at Diversity. He is the Convenor of the Disability Forum and Co Convenor of the Diversity and Inclusion Forum , CII and is on the Steering Committee of NASSCOM Foundation. He leads the disability initiative at Thomson Reuters across Asia. He is a member of the Board of Trustees of Enable India – one of the leading NGO's in the area of Disability in India.

SebiChacko is the Head of Human Resources ( South Asia ) GGO for Thomson Reuters. He has led the one the curent business worlds most complex and equal sized succesful integration of Thomson and Reuters in India, which the second largest location of Thomson Reuters globally.

Dilip Patro

Mr. Dilip Patro, MCA & M. Com, software specialist by profession. A road accident in 1997 resulted in a serious spinal injury left him a quadriplegic - he is paralysed waist below. He is still working in his field and passionate about providing other spinal cord injured with the training and resources, he has received in order to regain his own independence. Started an organisation “The Ability People”, for the welfare of SCIP’s (Spinal Cord Injuries Person) in the year 2007. Conducted awareness campaign on Right to Emergency care with support from the traffic police. Motivating everybody to help the road accident victims immediately after the accident. He has attended various national & international seminars & conferences on disability & rehabilitation. He is also promoting wheelchair rugby in India with the support of International Humanitarian Foundation (IHF), USA and ESCIP.

He is working with number of other national and international organisations for raising awareness about prevention and management of SCI.

P Rajasekharan

Rajasekharan (Raja) is co-founder of v-shesh (www.v-shesh.com) which is an impact enterprise that he co-founded together with Shashaank Awasthi. Raja is responsible for building a business that delivers both market aligned returns and social impact.

 As a practitioner and expert on Workplace Disability Inclusion and related issues, Raja has spoken on disability inclusion at various forums.

v-shesh assists Persons with Disabilities (PwD) by providing information, training and assistance in accessing high quality jobs. v-shesh’s trainees work with some of the best employers in sectors like technology, business processing, financial services, retail and hospitality. v-shesh also works with employers and offers a range of support services to progress disability inclusion at workplace.



Thomas is an experienced HR professional from Mumbai.He is also a certified Social Worker and Disability Activist. Being a person with a hearing disability, and someone who has overcome all odds, he knows what it means to have a disability.. He believes in giving back to the society and is involved in various social activities in Mumbai. His interests include – Working with deaf or Hearing Impaired Students, Corporate Social Responsibility, Diversity, Employee Volunteering, Sensitization and Awareness Campaigns etc.

Currently he works as an HR professional for Aegis Limited, an ESSAR Company in Mumbai, in a supervisory capacity. He is involved in many social activities pertaining to People with Disabilities in Aegis, Mumbai.

Sunil Gupta

Mr Sunil Gupta is a subject matter specialist with 25 years’ experience in the field, of which 19 years has been in a leadership position- in a line role and in an advisory capacity. As a Subject Matter Expert, Mr Gupta has the privilege of working with Top Tier Strategy firms and Big 4 Consulting firms. Mr Gupta brings collective experience of working with over 40 international brands (in fashion, sports, home, convenience, footwear, toys, and more) across a wide geography - UK/Europe, Asia, Middle East and India. He has deep experience of the entire value chain of retail and real estate - from new market entry to business expansion and business turnaround.

He is a commercially astute entrepreneur who is not hesitant to roll up his sleeves and lead by example. He believes in cultivating a respectful environment with a passion for personal integrity and fairness. He is on the contributory panel of a premium retail & real estate publication in India, called Images.