Dilip Patro

Mr. Dilip Patro, MCA & M. Com, software specialist by profession. A road accident in 1997 resulted in a serious spinal injury left him a quadriplegic – he is paralysed waist below. He is still working in his field and passionate about providing other spinal cord injured with the training and resources, he has received in order to regain his own independence. Started an organisation “The Ability People”, for the welfare of SCIP’s (Spinal Cord Injuries Person) in the year 2007. Conducted awareness campaign on Right to Emergency care with support from the traffic police. Motivating everybody to help the road accident victims immediately after the accident. He has attended various national & international seminars & conferences on disability & rehabilitation. He is also promoting wheelchair rugby in India with the support of International Humanitarian Foundation (IHF), USA and ESCIP. Conducting wheelchair sports & games periodically on specially designed sports wheelchairs (Donated by Wheelchair Athletes Worldwide, USA) for Basketball, Tennis, Rugby& Soccer to highlight the abilities of Persons with Disabilities. The programme aims to assist disabled people in recreational and competitive sports. An individual will benefit not only physically, but also emotionally, mentally, and socially. People with paralysis, amputation, birth related illness, and other physical disabilities are encouraged and invited to participate. He is working with number of other national and international organisations for raising awareness about prevention and management of SCI. He has organised two Active Rehabilitation workshops for people with SCI inviting resource persons from ISIC, New Delhi, Empowering Spinal Cord Injury Person (ESCIP) US, Mobility India, Bangalore and Motivation, UK.