Manoj Soma (UK) – CEO Choice International

Manoj has both academic and professional experience in equality and international
development. He has a Masters degree in Human Resource Management and is a fellow
member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD). He is also a member
of the Institute of Equality and Diversity practitioners (IEDP) and of ‘Breaking Through–
Towards Strategies for Success’ Leadership training programme conducted by the NHS
Institute for Innovation & Improvement.

Throughout his career he has worked with private, public and third sector organisations,
helping them to comply with legislative requirements and to promote the business case of
equality and diversity. His experience includes workforce equality and management, cultural
integration and strategic HR planning and support.

Manoj is a member of the International Disability Development Committee (UKDPC
International) and he has significant experience in International Disability Development. He
has been involved in many international development projects, including managing projects
and advising NGOs on disability equality.