Rajiv Rajan

General Secretary of Ektha, a disability movement having evolved a century ago which has successfully reached the human rights model; it was shocking to know that people with neurological impairment are marginalized even within the disability sector. Ektha was initiated keeping this in mind, the fact that there was no group for people with neurological impairment in its region.

Rajiv has received the Ability Cavin Care Mastery Award for the year 2009, the National Award in the Role Model Category from the President of India for the Year 2007, and the Good Samaritan award from the Rotary Club of Chenna Patna.

Presently he is Coordinator at the Disability Law Unit, South (from 2003). He is also a Consultant for Corporate Social Responsibility in IVRCL, an infrastructural development company.

Member of two sub committees under the statutory body of the National Trust constituted under the National Trust Act 1999 for the Welfare of Persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation and Multiple Disabilities for (i) compiling and implementing a training programme called ‘disability equity training’ and (ii) reviewing the social security of Disabled persons including the aspect of Legal Guardianship from 2006 December.


Member of the Local Level Committee under the National Trust Act from August 2002 till April 2006.