Reshma Valliappan

Co-founder of Mind Arcs and a member of several other national and international groups for persons with mental illness, Reshma entered the field of mental health advocacy during her own battle with schizophrenia. Being the protagonist of a documentary that received several national awards based on her own recovery without medications called ‘A Drop of Sunshine’ forced her to think about her role in the area of self-advocacy. Battling several other health issues caused by a brain tumour, she took it upon herself to create more awareness and sensitizing anyone and everyone she crosses path with on the area of ‘unseen’ disabilities and mental health.
Her work uses a variety of creative tools to address issues and challenge stereotypical models of living and acceptance through a group she runs called The Red Door. She is involved in cross disability alliances nationally in the implementation of the UNCRPD and has been a shadow report writer for India.
She is currently trying to create a self-sustainable enterprise for the work she does.
Along with pursuing double masters, she is a guest lecturer, painter, storyteller, mime artist, writer, martial artist, dancer and a manager for all her alter egos.