Ruchir Falodiya

Brand executive for Tanishq in Titan Industries

Ruchir is one of the developers for the NVDA project, which makes computers accessible to blind people. Ruchir has a day job where he manages online campaigns and brand for Tanishq.

Ruchir prides himself in having had a completely normal childhood and upbringing. “I was never put into any kind of special school and I think every blind person in the world should be allowed a normal lifestyle. How will someone ever be a part of the general society if you bring them up making them think they’re different and less capable?”

Ruchir is a BCA and MBA graduate from Alliance University. His experience in getting employed is an interesting one –
“I really wanted to work for Oracle. The kind of work that they’ve done in the space of making computers accessible to blind people was amazing and I wanted to contribute to it. But at the interview, the hiring team from Oracle asked me, ‘how would you work?’ That really shocked me. When people from the pioneers of accessibility solutions itself don’t know how people like me could work, it just goes to show how little this world knows about accessibility solutions.”
Ruchir spends a fair amount of time counselling parents of disabled children, encouraging them to let their children be more independent but exposing them to the real world. “If I can lead an independent life, anyone can.”
Ruchir believes strongly in Empathy and not sympathy!
“As a kid a lot of people used to question as to how I would pass my exams. Taking my marksheet with 90% on it thrilled me every single time. I love proving people wrong through hard work” And hard work has exactly been what has pulled Ruchir through his life and has made his disability almost non-existent. Some of his friends say, “Being blind, he sees a lot more than people who can”.