Frame works

The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities is the first legally binding international instrument to address the rights of disabled people with regard to sport. Article 30.5 of the Convention states that:

“With a view to enabling persons with disabilities to participate on an equal
basis with others in recreational, leisure and sporting activities, States Parties
shall take appropriate measures:
(a) To encourage and promote the participation, to the fullest extent possible,
of persons with disabilities in mainstream sporting activities at all levels;

(b) To ensure that persons with disabilities have an opportunity to organize,
develop and participate in disability-specific sporting and recreational activities
and, to this end, encourage the provision, on an equal basis with others,
of appropriate instruction, training and resources;

(c) To ensure that persons with disabilities have access to sporting, recreational
and tourism venues;

(d) To ensure that children with disabilities have equal access with other children
to participation in play, recreation and leisure and sporting activities, including
those activities in the school system;

(e) To ensure that persons with disabilities have access to services from those involved in the organization of recreational, tourism, leisure and sporting activities.”