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Disability Sports Workshop will be held in Visakhapatnam

Date: 12th- 16th December 2013
Venue: Police Stadium, Police Barracks Junction, Visakhapatnam, India, 530020

Access to Sport and leisure play a vital role in enhancing opportunities for disabled people, leading to improved self-confidence, motivation, and social awareness, ultimately improving the quality of life of disabled people.

Sport can be used as a tool to empower disabled people within their communities and in society at large, for social inclusion as well as an opportunity for income generation, employment and career development.

In line with the Second Annual International Conference on Disability Equality and Accessibility 2013, Choice International in partnership with the Ability People in India will be holding a five day Disability Sports Workshop in Visakhapatnam.

Choice International aims to increase disabled people’s inclusion in society through participation in sport. We aim to bring together national and international resources, players and coaches to this workshop in Visakhapatnam this December.

The workshop will provide demonstrations, trainings, and ‘give it a go’ sessions for disabled people in the following sports:

  • Wheelchair Basketball
  • Wheelchair Rugby
  • Boccia
  • Table Tennis

The workshop will be led by experienced disabled sportspersons from the UK and India, will enable disabled people to experience the sports with a view of developing and establishing regular meets.

Disability Equality Case Studies

Choice International will be publishing a book on Disability Equality and Accessibility containing case studies of individual and organisational experiences in disability equality worldwide. The book aims to create discussion on topics which will provide opportunity to reflect and learn from experiences. It will include discussions such as the following, ‘In relation to promoting disability equality in your organisation, if you were given the opportunity to go back through your actions a year or two, what would you do differently?’

Recognition for organisations

Choice International will be introducing a process by which organisations can gain a formal recognition for their commitment and positive attitudes towards promoting disability equality and accessibility. This will have a national and international reach