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Choice International

Choice International is an international NGO addressing issues of discrimination and inequality throughout the world.


INDIACSR News Network Niyati Sareen is General Manager - Corporate Responsibility with Hindustan Construction Company Ltd (HCC).

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Manoj Soma (Chair)

Manoj Soma is the CEO of Choice International. He has gained experience in equality and international development through academics and professional experiences. Throughout his career he has worked with private, public and third sector organisations, helping them to comply with legislative requirements and to promote the business case of equality and diversity. His experience includes workforce equality and management, cultural integration and strategic HR planning and support.

Manoj is a member several committees and programmes that work to improve the quality of life of those with disabilities. These include the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD), the Institute of Equality and Diversity practitioners (IEDP), the 'Breaking Through- Towards Strategies for Success' Leadership training programme and the International Disability Development Committee (UKDPC International)

Rusen Kumar

Rusen Kumar is the founder and director of INDIACSR, a division CSR INDIA Corporate Social Services Pvt. Ltd., leading CSR Consultancy Company. Rusen Kumar has been consistent in delivering excellence in various areas of social entrepreneurship, social journalism and social-economic development. He has done a great deal to improve the quality of life for people from all strata of society. He has made remarkable contributions to the world of media and journalism by contributing to series of leading daily publications and been a contributor to the turnkey process of mapping and managing various media related ventures. His passion for corporate social responsibility motivated him to conceptualize and make INDIACSR India's largest online portal in order to continue addressing social issues.

Dr. Meenu Bhambhani

Dr. Meenu Bhambhani is the Associate Vice-President and Head of Global Corporate Social Responsibility at MphasiS, Bangalore. Her background in development/disability sector is multifaceted: she is disabled, been a professional in the disability and human development sector for fifteen years, she specialised in disability studies and social policy, is a researcher on disability issues in India, and is involved in local and transnational disability rights movements.

At MphasiS, she engages with the development sector to promote education and to impove livelihoods. She has successfully helped the company hire and retain nearly 400 employees with disabilities and created policies to assist or empower employees with disabilities. In the last four years, MphasiS has won numerous awards from government and non-government organisations.

Jaspal Dhani

Jaspal Dhani is the CEO of United Kingdom Disabled People Council (UKDPC) and director of Choice International. He is an equality and diversity trainer in the UK and has delivered inclusion and empowerment courses in India. He has worked in the disability field for 15 years, both at grass-roots and senior management level. His experience includes organisational development and management, fundraising, and policy development. He has worked with partners to address issues such as housing, independent living, inclusive education, employment, health policy and diversity.

Jaspal has held many voluntary governance positions at organisations such as, the Association of Wheelchair Children and Disability Network Hounslow. He is the Chairperson at Redbridge Disability Association and is a Community Governor of Newbridge School. Additionally, Jaspal manages and coaches a successful wheelchair basketball club in east London.

Vinod Krishnan

Vinod Krishnan is the Regional Director of South Asia at Motivation Charitable Trust. Motivation is a UK based international specialist disability and development organisation which has worked alongside disabled people's organisations, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and government agencies for the last 20 years. It has reached over 111,000 people with mobility disabilities in 82 countries worldwide.

Vinod has been working with Motivation for over 10 years. He works closely with organisations and disabled individuals to analyse and provide the best support possible to facilitate a more independent life for people with disabilities (PWDs),. Vinod has managed projects in India, Sri-Lanka and many other Asian states. These projects have directly impacted the quality of life of PWD's, specifically in the areas of inclusion, survival, mobility and empowerment.

D Debadutta Mishra

He has worked extensively on developing models for CBR and Accessibility and has presented papers at different National Conferences. His ongoing project Asha-The Hope, was selected among Best three Case studies, at the business sustainability contest organized by All India Management Association (AIMA), New Delhi 2012. His project on “E-health & Telemedicine” had won award at IIT Kanpur in 2008.

Mr. Mishra has published several articles on disability and development issues in several leading publications. Under his mentorship “Chhattisgarh Viklang Uthhan Manch” has been developed which is working towards protection of rights and entitlements for the disabled in Chhattisgarh state. He believes in fostering a cohesive work environment for achievement of organizational objectives with holistic team engagement.

Mr. Mishra can be reached at dd@indiacsr.in


CC Joseph

As Director of Fourth Wave Foundation (FWF), Joseph seeks to develop a holistic approach to solving social issues. His work with young leaders worldwide led him into a career as Leadership Expert and Performance Coach. He has traveled to over 40 countries to work with various institutions and groups.

FWF identifies short and long-term opportunities and forges smart partnerships that are crucial to implementing CSR initiatives. These initiatives focus on addressing social issues. Over the last five years, FWF has been working in the area of Disability, addressing the needs of this particular segment of society through specially designed projects. For example, 'Nanagu Shaale' is a successful multi-stakeholder Inclusive education model that works with 40,000 children with disabilities from Karnataka.


Anil is Independent Consultant and Social Entrepreneur working in the domain of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), ICT4D and Inclusive Education for the last two decades at regional and global levels. He has been instrumental in promoting and advocating for the promotion of ICT as human right at policy level with Govt., Civil Society Groups, INGOs and academia. He got opportunity to have professional associations with multilateral agencies e.g. UN-ESCAP, WSIS/ITU, UNESCO, Panos South-Asia, GKP, GCNP etc. and was invited as speaker CQU, Ballarat university/Australia, GB Pant Agriculture, IIT/Roorkee, BHU/Varanasi, HNB Garhwal and Doon University etc.

Presently Anil is heading and promoting regional "Sustainable Development" platform under "Green Earth Alliance' in South Asia for CSR related awareness, capacity building and lobbying with Govt., Corporate World, B-Schools and other stakeholders.