UK-Overseas Linked Work

We promote diversity and inclusion in the UK and overseas and in doing so, we develop collaborative opportunities, creating links between our UK and overseas activities where relevant.

UK-Overseas Linked Work

Our UK-overseas linked activities to date have mainly focused on India, encouraging UK corporates, NGOs and the government sector, diaspora Indians in the UK, and individuals with a general interest, all to get involved.

Our past UK-overseas linked activities include:

  • Seminars on promoting CSR, Diversity and Inclusion in the UK and in India, hosted by Penningtons LLP in London
  • Roundtable discussion on CSR, Diversity and Inclusion in the UK and in India, hosted by the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • ‘Food for Thoughts’ fundraising event hosted by Taste of India Indian restaurant

These activities were very successful and directly supported our projects in India. They had a positive impact on all stakeholders involved including; diaspora Indian communities in the UK, CSR diversity and inclusion practitioners, and the general public.

Further to our successes, we aim to continuously develop and deliver projects that create a platform for collaboration between the UK and overseas. We aim to continue making a positive impact on diverse communities including disabled people, providing more opportunities for international collaboration and a platform for social innovation.

We are currently developing plans for our future projects which include disability sports coach development e programmes, exchange programmes, and networking events for which we are continuously exploring partners and sponsors.