Disability, Diversity and Inclusion awareness training for workplaces

Workplace Training Day

An ideal opportunity to empower workplace teams with the knowledge and awareness on disability and inclusion, using sports as a tool. Conventional classroom-based training usually provides a good base but can be quite mundane. Through our workshop, learners will receive new information in an unconventional, educational and engaging way.  Using disability sports as a platform

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Team Away Days – Inclusive Sports Challenge

Team Away Day

A fun-filled opportunity to build team spirit using sport and inclusion, whilst also learning more about disability through an Inclusive Sport Challenge.

This away day is suitable for every company, it is a perfect way to involve staff at all levels on a memorable team building exercise away from the office. The Inclusive Sports Challenge is an opportunity to build your team and enhance their spirit using inclusiveness and sport. This is a team away day in which every kind of workplace team can get involved, and caters for all abilities and preferences

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