Online Zoom Event Policy and Guidance

Online Wheelchair Tennis and Fitness Sessions that can be done at home – Free to join

Choice organise and run Wheelchair Sports and Fitness online sessions via Zoom. These
sessions are organised and run by Choice International and supported by different funders
and sponsors.
These are a great opportunity to engage with and hear from leading performance coaches
in Wheelchair Sports.

Health & Safety Guidelines

Please ensure you read our health and safety guidelines on the Zoom session description before the start of the session. As a participant you take responsibility for the safety of yourself and others in your home whilst you are participating in the sessions.

Before undertaking any exercise programmes or following health guidelines / videos, you
shall always consult with your GP:

  • if you consider it necessary; or
  • if you have any concerns with regards to you health conditions; or
  • if you are not sure whether the exercises suggested in the video or instructed by the coach may be suitable for you.

Please note that:

  • it is always your responsibility to evaluate your own medical & physical condition, or that of your clients, and to independently determine whether to perform, use or adapt any of the information or content in this video or online and virtual instruction.
  • any exercise program may result in injury.
  • by voluntarily undertaking any activity/exercise displayed in this video or live instruction, you
  • assume the risk of any resulting injury.

Safeguarding and Professional Boundaries

You must adhere to the following professional boundaries at all times within this group and
during sessions:

  • Never make any inappropriate comments, jokes, or banter
  • Never share any inappropriate images and or other contents unrelated to wheelchair tennis
  • Do not try to contact anyone via this group individually who is not already known to you in a personal capacity
  • Do not contact those under the age of 18 without parental consent, all communication must go through or include parents.
  • If you have any concerns relating to safeguarding or other relevant issues, you can contact me on 07940967723

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