Disability, Diversity and Inclusion awareness training for workplaces

An ideal opportunity to empower workplace teams with the knowledge and awareness on disability and inclusion, using sports as a tool.

Conventional classroom-based training usually provides a good base but can be quite mundane. Through our workshop, learners will receive new information in an unconventional, educational and engaging way. 

Using disability sports as a platform to enhance essential skills, this training engages participants in a fun yet challenging way, and provides a good opportunity to reflect on fundamental values of equality and diversity.

Our interactive and engaging workshop will provide your team with the knowledge, skills and confidence to raise awareness and take a positive approach to disability equality in the workplace.

Your organisation will be better equipped to attract, support and retain disabled people who will bring the motivation, passion and skills that any organisation needs to succeed.

If the session is run in East London, part of your financial contribution will go towards the London Defenders Wheelchair Basketball club, if outside East London we will work with local disability sports clubs to support their work.

Give us a call to discuss your requirements and explore further.