Yoga… Online… Really?

I remember the first time i tried Yoga, I was nervous, but that feeling was short lived. Once i’d put my five pounds into a used ice cream container, been greeted by a warm smile from the instructor and seen the welcoming looks from all the other participants it left like a safe space.

Now fast forward to last week, when I tried Online Yoga for the first time… again, I was nervous. Is my webcam in the right spot? Is my house a mess? What is someone walks in? Am I really the kind of person that does online yoga?

You know what, it was lovely, 5 minutes in none of the above really mattered, no-one cared, yes i was out of shot sometimes, yes i looked clumsy sometimes, but the point is… I genuinely didn’t care…. no-one did. And that’s the beauty of yoga right? to be transported to a place of connection, of acceptance, of one-ness. No self consciousness, no judgement, allowing yourself to just be.

The technology didn’t get in the way, nothing did. By the end I sank into my carpet and felt nothing but peace and a renewed faith that, you know what, we’re all pretty cool really.